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We have built BE on a platform of generosity and enriching the experiences of those in our community. We are a not-for-profit organization and, as such, rely 100% on the generous donations of our visitors, practitioners and the BE family to keep us running.

Your dana, giving from the treasury of your heart, would be warmly welcomed and very much appreciated as we continue our mandate: to uplift, to awaken to who we truly are, and from this expansive space of possibility, enrich all in our lives to experience their peak potential and beyond. Your donations will be will put towards:

  • Monthly operating costs such as strata fees and monthly utility bills
  • General maintenance and upkeep of the space
  • Food and beverage offerings to the community
  • Current or urgent capital expenses such as our Roof Repair Special Levy due at this fall and an emergency fund for elevator upgrades

Our Current Campaign: Aviva Community Fund Application

As you may know, we are currently campaigning to raise funds to meet our special levy for the roof repair. We have submitted an application for the 2016 Aviva Community Fund and we need your votes! The 30 applicants with the most votes in their category will go on to be finalists to be granted funds! 

All you need to do is register here: Voting costs nothing and everyone gets 18 votes to cast!



Check Out Our Campaign Video


Without your generous donations, we will not be able to reach our goal of $36,000 and may literally not be able to keep a roof over our heads.


Over the past two years we have welcomed guests and workshop leaders from around the world, all seeking to enrich the lives of others and their own, authentically expressing and sharing on the BE platform. Yoga, meditation, tai chi, life solution workshops, offerings of sacred sound journeys including kirtans are various doorways that invite the community to experience expansion and joy in simply BEing.

To help us continue bridging and enriching lives, we are kindly requesting testimonials from you. Drop us a line or two via email, in our guest book at BE or send us an audio/video clip. 20–30 seconds long would be wonderful! If you choose to email, please send to with the subject line “BE Testimonial.” We will only use your name if you let us.