BE Kids: Brain Yoga–Inspired Hip-Hop & Dance Movement

Cristina Bucci, Director of the OURO Collective Dance Group will lead us in a hip-hop dance class using the principles of brain yoga! Other members will join us on occasion as well

Day: Fridays

Time: 3:30pm–4:00pm (approximately for the half hour leading up to our Gurukul activities)

Watch them in this Ouro Video!

What is Brain Yoga and How Can it Connect to Hip-Hop?

Using the ancient Vedic tradition of brain yoga, which seeks to strengthen the connections between the brain's left and right hemispheres, this hip-hop class will not only be a fun physical activity but will activate the ability to balance the right and the left brain to help open up the sixth sense. The children will be given moves to balance the right and left positions of the body simultaneously using distinctive postures that stimulate both sides. The brain wave moves from Beta to alpha increasing their alertness and attention. Children are also encouraged to learn a number of postures that bring out a new dimension in their appreciation of their bodies.

This is a prelude to the Gurukul class that follows, aligning with its mandate of whole brain enlightened learning practices.

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