BE KIDS Monthly Program: Hip Hop, Veg. Snacks, Chanting, Story Telling & More

BE Kids Monthly is a two-hour program for kids and parents incorporating yoga, dance, meditation, creative arts including story telling as well as nutrition. The inspiration is to create a platform for kids to express their true potential, that they gain tools to move through life fearlessly, with joy and innate intelligence that establishes them in the expansive, space of possibility, freedom, creativity, responsibility, wonder, brilliance, and most of all connecting with life as it happens.

Our December Program

Date: Saturday, December 12th

Time: 10:30am–1:00pm

Location: 718 East 20th (Fraser & 20th)

What's On this Month?

  • - Hip Hop with Cristina
  • - Vegetarian Food Prep with Candise
  • - Gong Bath, Chanting and Meditation with Soraya
  • - Storytelling, ginger tea, sattvik vegetarian snacks (for kids and parents) and more!

To Attend

Please RSVP with the subject line "Yes to BE KIDS" to

Suggested Contribution: $10-15


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