Be Your Own Boss: Manifest Leadership Consciousness

Be Your Own Boss

We invite you to attend a two-day workshop with the Avatar H.H. Paramahamsa Nithyananda (via video conference).

Dates: Friday, March 31st–Saturday, April 1st

Times: 7:30pm–Midnight

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Leadership is not about achieving a STATUS; it is about mastering your STATE

Being your own boss means:

• Living life on your terms – using 100% of your creative energy for unstoppable success

• Being a master of your Inner State – having deep inner peace & unshakeable confidence, KNOWING that you are born with a divine right to manifest what you want in life

• Manifesting undeniable outer success – wealth, health, relationships – without having fear or insecurities ever

• Inspiring others to rally around your cause and vision

This workshop is especially for:

• Women & men who want to live an independent life, not depending on others for money or love

• Spiritual seekers who want to create a lifestyle that enables and nurtures their spiritual seeking, travelling, and experiences, instead of works against it

• Professionals who want to live the spiritual truths while successfully running their day-to-day affairs

• Businesspeople & aspiring entrepreneurs who want to use 100% of their creative energy for their goals


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