Dharma Ocean Weekend Retreat with Neil McKinlay

Exploring the Practice of Meditating With the Body

Dates: Saturday, July 8th and Sunday, July 9th

About the Energy of Embodiment


Embodiment is our essential journey as human beings. Coming into ever more intimate contact with the body, we touch experience beyond thought. In so doing, we find the openness and energy that exist beneath habit and expectation, we find what allows our own unique path of discovery and transformation to reveal itself. This all-level, all-tradition workshop will continue our exploration of the Meditating with the Body curriculum, a collection of teachings designed to connect us with the inherent wisdom and direction of the body. Mixing guided meditation and group discussion, we will come into contact with the journey that waits within each of us. We will find ourselves engaging our lives more fully and more appropriately than ever before.

Participants are advised to wear warm, comfortable clothing, and to bring a blanket and mat to lay on. Should participants have a meditation cushion or bench, these are recommended – otherwise, chairs will be available.

About the Teacher


Neil McKinlay

A student of Reggie’s since 1999, Neil’s teaching reflects an ongoing interest in the rich intersection of spirituality and everyday life. A partner, parent, and householder, he is curious about how deep engagement with this lineage affects our relationship with the ‘ordinary’ — with ourselves and others, with livelihood, and with the world of which we are part.

Registration Details:

You can email info@dharmaoceancanada.org for more information or to register.

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