Nithyananda SATSANG – Upanishads Demystified (Live Transmission from India)

Upanishads Satsang

Upanishads Demystified ~ Powerful Teachings for Blissful Living

first-enlightenment-80We will have satsang with the teachings of a living enlightened master, Paramahamsa Nithyananda via live two way video conferencing as he shares universal wisdom teachings with us. He is the most watched spiritual teacher on Youtube with over 18 million views and the author of more than 500 books published in over 27 languages. Exploring the rich spiritual heritage of India, Nithyananda shares his spiritual understanding and dedicates his life to the service of humanity. His inspiring vision includes preserving, reviving and spreading the authentic Vedic culture of India, introducing us to the many benefits of yoga and meditation, and offering practical solutions for better living. Reaching out to the needy and underprivileged through medical care, nutrition, education, youth and women’s empowerment and other social initiatives, he is helping to create a conflict-free, productive and harmonious global community that transcends the barriers of language, culture and class. Today, Nithyananda is an inspiring personality for millions of people worldwide. His authenticity, depth of experience and his rare gift for making spirituality both practical and enjoyable have allowed Nithyananda’s teachings to reach far and wide. A powerful spiritual healer, Nithyananda has healed thousands of people of diseases ranging from depression to cancer. Working and sharing with over 10 million people worldwide every year, Nithyananda is committed to help humanity make the next big breakthrough: into Superconsciousness.

The mandate of Bridge & Enrich Lives Society is to enrich lives to awaken to their authentic selves. This gathering in satsang is inviting all to "just SIT" and "LISTEN" to the experiential truths as spoken by an enlightened master living Advaita, living oneness.



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