Quantum Life Breath: Monthly Breathwork Journey

Date: SUNDAY, May 19th

Time: 11:00am–3:00pm

Workshop Leaders: Paul & Kathie

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You are welcome to arrive anytime after 10:30am ~ come early to pick your spot! Also an excellent time to become present and set an intention.

We will explain the day and set the container to Breathe.




After the Introduction we open the Circle to Share the Present State and Set Intention and Enter the Universe of Breathwork.




We close with a brief Sharing Circle for anyone that would like to share their experience


Conscious breathing, or “Breathwork” is a method of intentionally connecting each breath, without pause, that helps you open to your Self – to maximize your “breath potential” – to lengthen your reach for your optimal physical and emotional connection, resulting in overall rise in wellness.

Breathwork is the most amazing tool – right under your nose! – to bring your Life Force Energy to peak potential on a cellular level. From stress to poor posture, we are limiting our inhalations – and holding our breath almost all the time – without realizing it!

Connecting our breaths connects our physical existence to our spiritual existence – a multitude of emotions can find expression – and continuous breath “work” within a session can bring alchemy and a sense of coherence to all of it! What a great way to feel awesome, and work with yourself consciously on a subconscious level of awareness.


Breathwork is commonly done lying down for maximum safety, and to mimic a “cocooning” feel which deepens our sense of being alone, yet a safe container also helps you feel “a part of” – this creates a safe space that allows the body and mind to reach a state where it is easy to release emotional, as well as physical, toxins.


Using a system based on the 64 Hexagrams of the iChing that is simple and eloquent and freely available to everyone, the Gene Keys gives us insight into our Gifts, Shadows, and highest “Siddhi” consciousnesses, available to us through our birth information.

Download your hologenetic profile to begin your Gene Key Journey – https://teachings.genekeys.com/free-profile/ and we will weave this tool of self-knowledge into your self-exploration through the Breath.


Paul’s first whiff of Breathwork came over 40 years ago during his exploration of yoga through a book his father gave him called “Yoga for Americans.”

Then again, almost 20 years ago, at Clearmind International, he was introduced to “conscious connected breathing” as part of his training as a Transpersonal Therapist.

This breathing tool became popular about 50 years ago through the work of Stanislov Grof, one of the founders of the field of Transpersonal Psychology, who brought conscious connected breathing to the Western world from India after his work using LSD became illegal in the late 1960’s. Grof called his method of Breathwork “Holotropic” and other names were found by pioneers such as Leonard Orr like “Rebirthing Breathwork”.

Whatever name is given to this simple yet profound practice, it remains one of the most transformative methods you can use to shift your state, reveal previously hidden thoughts and feelings, as well as make real and lasting transformation of the obvious.

Kathie came into Breathwork when she met Paul in 2006 and has taken this journey with him through “traditional” Breathwork as well as through Quantum Touch and Oneness, two of their primary healing modalities that use Breathwork with the Chakras for energy clearing and cleansing and for manifestation.

Thilo Mehrhoff was introduced to Breathwork at his first Living Vision retreat in 2006 with Paul and Kathie and has since dedicated himself to the practice as well as many other Shamanic healing traditions over the past 12 years.

We are all delighted to collaborate on this journey of Breathing Consciously together for the good of all human kindness.


Gratitude goes out to Richard Rudd for his simplification of the Human Design and his elaboration of the 64 Hexagrams of the iChing that combine to present itself on the planet as the Gene Keys. A massive body of work that brings us to eloquent contemplation on our Shadows, Gifts and Siddhi, or “higher” Selves.

Your profile is specific to you, of course, but the Gene Keys, in a general way, can help you unlock the great reservoir of genius that lies inside and brings you into a deep state of harmony with every aspect of your life.

It is for this purpose that we introduce Gene Keys into Quantum Life Breathwork, as even gentle contemplation on a particular Key in your Hologenetic Profile or any Gene Key for that matter, can become a multi-dimensional portal to your inner being whose sole purpose is to activate your higher purpose and ultimately allow you to embrace your own Divinity as you are guided to see the relationship between you, as an individual, and the Whole, and eventually unlock or awaken different aspects of your genius.

Your Profile tells you who you are, how you operate, and above all, why you are here, awakening the resonant faculties and raising the frequency within the living field of your aura and activating the higher purpose within your DNA.

How’s that for setting Intention?

Sayde has studied the Gene Keys and Human Design extensively and is delighted to bring her passion for unlocking your highest potential through contemplation of the Gene Keys to Quantum Life Breathwork Sessions.

Sayde is available for private sessions if you’re interested in a deep dive into your Hologenetic Profile.

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