Quantum Life Tuesdays – Restarts Sept. 5th

Quantum Life Tuesdays – Restarts Sept. 5th

Every Tuesday night Paul and Kathie Scott will lead us as we will Consciously Connect our Breath (breathe in and out, without pause) to TRANSFORM and Connect to Life Force Energy! There is an entire system within you designed for your transformation! Find resolution for deep, hidden emotional snags – this release can be joyful and loving!

Your awareness of all Life and the exponential growth when Life Force Energy moves through you with the Breath is the cheapest, richest therapy on this planet!!! Breathe! Breathe with intention in a group dynamic – awesome!

Quantum Life Tuesdays at Bridge & Enrich

Day and Time: Tuesdays, 7:00pm–9:15pm

The first hour of Quantum Life Tuesday is a meditation from 7:00 to 8:00 PM.

Each Tuesday will conclude with a Quantum Touch Circle from 8:15 to 9:15 PM.

Quantum Life Tuesday Meditation Schedule:

First Tuesday of the Month – Sound Bath Tuesday at BE. This can be a Quantum Sound Therapy, or may feature Jerry DesVoignes' soundscape.

Second Tuesday of the Month - Quantum Life Technology Tuesday at BE. This evening's first hour focuses on "awakening" technology including the Ajna Light, PEMF mat and Quantum Sound Technology.

Third Tuesday of the Month – Jerry DesVoignes' "Wisdom of the Voice" Tuesday at BE. Learn the power of Your Own Voice! Jerry is a Singer, Composer, Throat Singer and Sound Healer and will instruct us on how to positively transform our life through the Voice. This is definitely a preparation for the Wisdom of the Voice workshop.

Fourth Tuesday of the Month – Oneness Blessing Tuesday at BE. This Circle features teaching from the Oneness University, meditation on the Chakras and the Oneness Blessing to Mantra.

Fifth Tuesday – Every 3rd Month or so has a Fifth Tuesday. This is Cacao Journey Tuesday at BE and includes aspects of all other Tuesdays as well as a guided breath meditation that begins with a mug of pure cacao (a warm drink of chocolate said to be able to soften the heart, especially when combined with conscious breathing)!

Quantum Touch Healing Circle:

Following the Meditation Hour and a short break, the Quantum Touch Circle starts with a brief check-in/discussion then one-on-one sampling of QT until 9:15pm.

We are often joined by practitioners who have taken at least Level I and are thrilled to practice offering you Life Force Energy.

What to Bring

If possible, please bring what will make you comfortable in the lying-down posture – lap blanket, small pillow, cushion, etc. Some mats and cushions available.

Also, you can breathe through your nose or mouth! It is up to you! Different results but it's all good.

Who are Paul and Kathie?

We are both Certified Quantum Touch Instructors and Practitioners, and we will incorporate this Energy Healing technique into every Breath Session.

More info here on Paul and Kathie and their services at Bridge & Enrich here. You may also contact Paul at 604-813-2206 or email Kathy at kathie@quantumlife.ca.

Fee: The Quantum Life Breath Session investment is $20/person.

The benefits of breathing deeply are endless!  For more information, please visit our website at www.quantumlife.ca.

Private Breath Sessions Available