Join us in celebration of International Women’s Day with a profound and powerful breath and live sound journey.

Join all female facilitators to taste, feel, and experience the fullness of Life in Flow.

Date: Friday, March 8th

Time: 6:30pm–10:30pm

With deep reverence for the sacred feminine, the evening will answer the call of your heart to step unwaveringly into your strength and beauty as a fully embodied woman. Allow your heart to open, be held and witnessed with deepest love, honour and respect.

Through the potency of your breath and the vibrational medicine of sound, you'll journey into your true relationship with yourself and your divine feminine. Breathe in and bring to life what's aching to come through you. Gathering in circle with other women takes you deeper.

Evening includes guided discussion, movement, a facilitated breath and sound journey, with light refreshments.

The sacred space held welcomes you as you are and is always safe, supported and infused with love. No experience is necessary. For the safety and integrity of the container, space is limited. Pre- registration is required. See below for details.

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Pre- registration is required.

Tickets: $60 each

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How we breathe is a direct reflection of how we live and operate in the world.

Conscious Connected Breathwork is a profoundly effective practice that supports you in embodying the presence of love. When you work consciously with your breath, you reset your nervous system and uncover and integrate unconscious patterns, blockages and barriers in your body and life. You bring deep awareness and flow into areas in which you have held dense, stuck energy, old stories, tension and dis-ease. You drop into the truth and beauty of who you are.

The practice itself connects the inhale and exhale without pause, encouraging a relaxed body and clear intent. Connected breathing helps to access profound healing, and opens the pathways to directly experiencing higher states of consciousness.

As music inspires and activates your journey, you have a sacred space to explore the inner realms of your breath and being, with loving and trained support.

With an emphasis on a relaxed exhale, and time at the end for integration and stillness, you’ll experience the many benefits of deep relaxation, internal alignment, and even a gentle euphoria throughout the body, mind and spirit.

In today’s world, it is essential to develop simple practices to assist you in supporting all aspects of your being to help you remain centred, grounded and at peace within yourself. Conscious Connected Breathing does just that.


Tanya Devine offers a Sacred Sound Journey through the Breathwork practice using Australian Didjeridus, Singing Bowls, a Medicine Drum, a Steel Tongue Drum, Chimes, a Bull Roarer, and has designed a mystical remix to accompany her live instruments creating a safe deep space for you to dive into through sound and ceremony.

Tanya started offering Sound Baths during Breathwork Journeys with Trevor Yelich of Numa Somatics in 2013 and has since been working with various Breath Facilitators on a regular basis throughout the years.

The vibrations of the Didjeridu with Breathwork has a synergistic relationship, as your breath brings emotions to the surface the Didjeridu helps dissipate any discord and harmonizes your vibration back to its natural rhythms.

Please join us!

With love and gratitude,

Jenn, Carmen and Tanya


Please bring a pillow, blanket, closed-lid water bottle, journal, pen and dress in comfortable layered clothing. Please eat a light meal before arriving, and hydrate well in advance.

Consider a personal intent for your session.



Jenn Field is a radically intuitive, multi-versed practitioner and teacher with a 16 year background in Social Services, and 18 years training in alternative healing. She has travelled, trained and taught internationally, as well as raised 2 boys and been deeply involved in hosting community gatherings on the Sunshine Coast and Lower Mainland. Aside from her passion for and lengthy study in various forms of Breathwork, and Shamanic Bodywork, Jennifer is also a Registered Holistic Nutritionist; Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Teacher, Reiki Master, Certified Akashic Record Consultant and Moon Circle Facilitator.

She and her husband live in Halfmoon Bay on the Sunshine Coast of Canada, where they own and operate Halfmoon Haven Beachfront Retreat and Spa

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Carmen offers group and private connection experiences and breathwork journeys designed to use the power of relationship to learn about and connect to self, others and the world as a whole. Specializing in navigating the powerful dynamic between moms & daughters, couples, other familial dynamics and individuals, she believes connection, true expression and emotional integration change everything.

As a natural born explorer with insatiable curiosity, she’s constantly blown away by the magic and beauty of the world and is wildly passionate about things that spark joy, wonder and connection.

Drawing on her background in social work, yoga, breathwork and a deep desire to inspire you to honour and celebrate your own depth and potential, she offers retreats, workshops and private sessions welcoming you home to yourself while cultivating a deep sense of connectedness, confidence and clarity in who you already are. You have everything you need within you and it’s her heart's mission to support you in confidently connecting with and fully embodying the light and gifts you hold within. Here’s to the journey.

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Tanya has been walking her medicine path in complete surrender to the healing vibrations and guidance of the Didjeridu, which holds a powerful presence and brings up deep earth energy with an ancient spirit that is felt by all who lay at the receiving end of its medicine.

She carries a number of Authentic Australian Didjeridu's, playing some on a mic with the amplification of sound and offering the Root, 432hz Sacral and Heart frequency Didjeridus to guide energy through the system playing them over the body.

Tanya's been playing the Didjeridu since 2006 and after travelling to Northern Australia in 2011, to return the sacral 2 serpent ceremonial Didjeridu to its original origins, which then was gifted back to her by the Blansai family to carry it's medicine, she fell into the rhythm of performing and offering energetic balancing over people.

Tanya has been offering frequent sound healing events in Victoria since 2013, collaborating with different facilitators who are always bringing their gifts to the table keeping the offerings fresh and new, including Breathwork, Chakra Journeys, Cacao Ceremonies, Kundalini Dance, Yoga & QiGong. / Tanya Devine

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