Yoga Dialogue – Why Yoga?

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Kevin of Babylon Yoga says:

Well, I'm pumped!!!! For us to get together to consider our practices in this unique way is very special for me and I thank you ahead of time for considering attending.

Yoga Dialogue is an idea that I came up with many years ago. Inspired by the many hours and hours of conversation I had with my late mentor Stan Lewis, Yoga Dialogue is an attempt to reach a deeper understanding of what the practice of yoga is all about- without lifting a finger! Just by talking with each other, friend to friend, equal to equal, a clearer picture of this ancient philosophy of yoga is given a chance to come through our being, hopefully helping us to uncover our true self, which is the life-long goal of the practice.

Long ago, before yoga was a watered-down, main-stream, corporate-controlled, politically-correct activity(i.e., distraction), the practice itself was not associated with postures and breathing exercises at all, but was in fact understood to be a way of thinking, and a way of living only. Asanas were developed merely to compliment the mentality and lifestyle of the individual who trod the path to enlightenment. In some circles asanas were not thought of as necessary and in some cases asanas were even frowned upon because of the possibility of the yogin(i) loosing sight of the real purpose of yoga(enlightenment) by becoming obsessed with physical image, ego-prowess and pleasurable sensation. Today's vast billion-dollar corporate yoga industry and the Instagram-yoga-posture-selfie phenomenon is proof to me (you might disagree with my opinion) that something is missing in today's yoga classes and Yoga Dialogue is an attempt to fill in that missing piece.

There's a lot to discuss and obviously two hours won't be enough to completely solve the mystery of yoga and of the self, but it may be just the right amount of fuel to help keep us going through to the next phase in our long journey ahead.

Hope to see you there...

Cost: By Donation

When: 11:00am–1:00pm

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