Why Bridge & Enrich? Why Spiritual Consciousness?

Why do we call ourselves the Bridge & Enrich Lives Society? Well, it is quite simple. We have decided to make enlightened living our only priority. We know that it is all too easy to think of a reason why we should not or can not do something. Perceptions of our own limitations, doubting our abilities, and fear are what hold us back from achieving our greatest possibilities, our peak potentials.  SDHD (Self Doubt, Self Hatred, Self Denial), a term coined by an enlightened Master from India, describes this at great length. When we are able to bridge the gap between who we portray ourselves as and who we truly are and long to be, authenticity, integrity and responsibility express through our daily lives, enriching us and all in our lives. Enriching ourselves in this way is truly a fulfilling, expansive life experience and we are a platform for you to experience it. At some point in our lives, we all struggle with cognitive dissonance, that feeling of dis-ease, a state of unrest, lethargy and resistance to life. Bridge & Enrich is that space, that platform, a sanctuary to explore and express possibilities, reminding us to awaken to our truest longings, “awakening from our dream of ignorance.”

At Bridge & Enrich we want to help you ask:

Who am I?
Why am I holding myself back from expressing who I truly wish to BE?
How can I align my intentions, thoughts and actions to express this conscious way of being?

Inspired by teachings that point the way to face the ignorance that clouds our true potential, we are committed to authentically share and imbibe ancient, contemporary and indigenous wisdom practices for immediate and ultimate life solutions. By facilitating connections and exposure to creative insights from various cultures and demographics including children, youth and wo/men, we are a platform for the promotion of holistic healing and wellness, education and spiritual expansion (Body, Mind and Spirit). The Society is a knowledge network, a sanctuary, a space that restores, nurtures and awakens us to our true potential. Yoga, meditation, mind-calming vegetarian foods, dance and other creative movement workshops including explorations of our inner world, our consciousness – these are some of the activities gracing the BE platform. We invite you to join the confluence of practitioners and participants paving the way to transformative experiences – joyous living through expanded hope, restful awareness and completion by consciously living with integrity, authenticity and responsibility in body, mind and spirit. We thank you for your interest in being part of BE.

Please see our Weekly Schedule for up-to-date information on all our upcoming classes and workshops or our Meditation Room Schedule for the current offering. Instructor bios are also available for fuller information on our classes and the dedicated individuals leading them.

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