The first and only formally trained Bowspring teacher in the lower mainland of BC.

Eau-Vive (“Mama V”) has been immersed in holistic health her entire life, continues to study, and lives out the results of integrated practices. 

She is an advocate for the rights and freedoms of all Earthlings, and the founder of Bowspring Vancouver BC. 

With a background in massage, healing arts, yoga, dance, and movement meditation, she now offers this (r)evolutionary template for optimal health to the local community. 

The Bowspring heals and empowers people, often quickly, for those who practice. It is designed to be embodied and taken off of the mat into every aspect of life. 

Benefits include: moving out of pain and into pleasure, melting away stress, building beautiful muscle in all the right places, improved breathing, increased strength and mobility, and elevated emotional wellness. 

The core principles of The Bowspring are mindfulness, compassion, and accountability.

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