Jayasree Ramigani

Yoga Teacher

Certified R.Y.S 500

If you find yoga too difficult due to physical limitations or pain, if you are curious what the original traditional complete yoga (pranayama, asana, relaxation and meditation) is really about, or if you simply want to see healing results quickly, Jayasree probably is the right yoga teacher/trainer for you.

Jayasree has a pure heart. She is as passionate about yoga as she is about helping people. She is a nurse with 26 years of professional experience, from the junior level to Head of the Nursing Department (1989–2015) in India and abroad. She is extremely knowledgeable about all kinds of human body conditions. With her in-depth understanding of the “science of yoga,” she adjusts the postures to each person’s unique need. She emphasizes the importance of breathing (pranayama) and meditation, as these both play fundamental roles in healing.

Jayasree’s yoga journey started in 2001, she was inspired by Swami Sivananda’s book, Mind: Its Mysteries and Control. His teachings showed her a “Royal Path” toward humanity, spirituality, yoga and vedanta (philosophy). She started to implement his teachings in her daily life because, as Sivananda said, “An ounce of practice is worth tons of theory.” After three months of sincere and regular practice, Jayasree experienced complete healing from the frozen shoulder, sciatic pain and severe tension headache from which she suffered.

Jayasree started to teach yoga in India in 2002. Her clients, with all kinds of condition (including diabetes, hypertension, cardiac problems and moon cycle issues), experienced healing by learning yoga. Her dream is now to have a medicine-free hospital.

Nursing is her profession, yoga is her passion.

With this passion, Jayasree has completed Advanced Yoga teacher training R.Y.S 500 level with guru Acharya Sri Venu, director of Sivananda Yoga vedanta centre here in Vancouver.