“I dance because the music makes me move. I choreograph because I can express a message with movement better than with words.  I teach because I love to share what I have also learned. I would like people in my class to have joy and fun, have fitness, learn new things, to practice and improve, to be encouraged and to have a social place to meet new people.”

Liz is a Vancouver-based professional dancer, choreographer, teacher and adjudicator with 18 years of experience. Inspired solely by the beats and sound of hip hop music, Liz acquired her skills and knowledge straight from the street, later training in L.A., Las Vegas, Calgary and Seattle. Liz has become well respected in the hip hop community for her experience as a teacher who intensely studies and teaches true hip hop and its history. Liz has been blessed with training from many of the hip hop OG’s and has a passion for sharing and helping others understand its foundation. Liz has taught hundreds of students, several of whom have gone on to have dance careers themselves. Her work has won numerous awards and competitions, and she often judges competitions and events where she enjoys encouraging dancers to see their full potential. Liz remains very involved in the underground hip hop scene. Being connected to the streets where hip hop lives and breathes is her passion. Liz is faculty for the SOULdiers dance company. She also has a B.Ed degree and is a public school teacher.

Her recent projects include the film Memorial Effects Factory (released in London 2010) and working as a judge for Xstreme, Danceology and the Canadian Hip Hop Championships 2011. She was also an adjudicator for NIPAF 2011 and DanceWorks 2012.

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