Working Together

To help ensure a safe and successful relaunch, we ask that everyone work together and that each of us does our part. That means self-monitoring for symptoms, including checking your temperature, arriving within requested time frames, being extra patient with your instructors and classmates and doing what you can to help minimize the impact of additional cleaning and sanitizing on BE’s resources.

We have an HVAC heating system in place. The space is very well set up for cross ventilation with the opening of screened windows and entrance/exit doors.

BC’s Restart: Currently in Step 3

In response to BC’s health guidelines, we will be adjusting our guidelines through the various steps of the BC Restart plan.

Currently we are in Step 3, which means that “all indoor fitness classes allowed, normal capacity” and that masks are now recommended, but no longer mandatory.

Please consult the BC Government website for official and complete details.

Please do not visit BE if:

  • You have returned to Canada within the past 14 days
  • You have been exposed to someone diagnosed with COVID-19 within the past 14 days
  • You are experiencing fever or cold symptoms
  • Your social distancing bubble (e.g., the people you live with) includes someone who is sick
  • You are under a quarantine or self-isolation order

COVID-19 Levels of Protection (Overview)

First Level of Protection

  • The studio space has been reworked and marked to include separate areas for teachers and students. The floor is clearly marked with 15 individual training spaces.

Second Level of Protection

  • Physical distancing has been established and implemented.

Third Level of Protection

  • Occupancy limit is posted, rules and guidelines are printed and posted, entrances and exits marked.

Visiting Bridge & Enrich

Before Arrival

Wellness Check

  • Anyone who is living with someone showing COVID symptoms or not feeling well themselves (or any of the other experiences listed under the “do not visit BE” section), is asked not to come to the studio.
  • Teachers have the authority to refuse admittance to their class for any student showing signs of illness.

Classes and Instructors

  • Each instructor will have their own class-specific guidelines. Please contact your instructor to learn how your regular class may have changed and, if provided, watch the walk-through video before you visit.
  • For participants not comfortable with attending our physical space for classes, instructors will do their best to provide livestreaming of classes.


  • All registration and payment needs to be prearranged with your instructor so we can limit class size (payments will be online). Donations to BE (especially appreciated during this difficult time with additional expenses for everyone’s safety) can be made via website donate button or e-transfer to 🙏

Waiver & Contact Tracing

  • Online sign-up is provided with fixed blocks of time for the entire facility – no drop ins.
  • Be sure to sign the BE waiver before attending BE (no manual sign-up at the door) – sign-in direction via our online schedule and/or MindBody app:

What to Bring and Wear

  • Everyone will be assigned a chair that is sanitized before/after every class on which to store their belongings. Please bring your own clean socks or slippers to wear (no bare feet on the floor). The only exception to the no bare feet rule is when on your yoga mat.
  • Please bring your own filled water bottles no water will be provided (to prevent germ transfer at the tap) and a small snack if you would like. You are recommended to wear a mask at all times while in the premises, except during the actual class. Please bring your own yoga mats and blankets as needed. Do not bring additional guests with you to class.

While at Bridge & Enrich

Entering and Exiting the Space

  • You will be entering via our Fraser Street entrance. Elevator usage is restricted to teachers only.
  • Please arrive 10 minutes before the class to allow entry one at a time.
  • MASKS ARE RECOMMENDED in the BE space EXCEPT while engaging in the actual class activity.
  • Before you settle in, you are requested to sanitize your hands immediately, take off shoes, take all belongings (bags, jackets, etc) in the waiting room area to your designed chair. Only water bottles are allowed in the training space. You are requested to minimize belongings to those necessary for the class.
  • You may be required to wait outside while the space is sanitized between classes
  • Participants are asked to leave right after class – no socializing after class is permitted in the space.

Social Distancing

  • Maximum class size has been reduced to 15 for Yoga/Meditation and 11 for Dance/Tai Chi (including the instructor).
  • You will be asked to stand along the marked lines outside the entrance while waiting your turn to enter.
  • Within the building, you will be assigned a marked space for your activity. The dimensions of the space will range from 2x2m to 3x3m according to the governmental guidelines for the type of class activity.
  • Please stay within the specific place assigned to you, respecting others’ space and boundaries.
  • A pathway to the washroom is marked and a pathway to the exit will also be marked so we have one-way walking traffic only and social distancing can be maintained. Lineups for washrooms and waiting times at the basins also require social distancing etiquette (please be mindful of the signage in the bathroom and try to use the bathroom before arrival to limit bathroom visits throughout the day).
  • Please follow your teacher’s instructions and respect the guidelines.


  • Everyone will be asked to sanitize their hands upon entry. Hand sanitizing solution is available at the front door as well as near the washrooms.
  • Only instructors may touch light switches/tech equipment/fans, etc.
  • If you use a mat during class, you are responsible for wiping it down with the provided disinfectant supplies after you are finished with it.

Gathering Areas

  • There are no gathering areas. The teacher space is clearly separated from the student spaces. Students will be admitted one at a time. Pick up and drop off of participants is restricted to outdoors. No viewing of classes or bringing of additional guests is permitted in the space.