Single Mothers’ Cooking Classes

Thursdays 11:00am–1:00pm, to begin when school starts in September, 2015

Have you noticed how your child’s mood changes depending on what they eat?

Would you like to have a more calm, happy child?

Come to Bridge & Enrich for our Single Mothers’ Cooking Classes!

Here you will…

  • Learn new food preparation tools and try delicious new foods that will help increase your energy, mental and physical health. 
  • Learn about calming snacks and how to tweak your children’s diet to help them be more focused and calm. 
  • Learn about following a Sattvic Diet and how eating food that is natural, vital, energy-containing and clean can help all of us be the best version of ourselves possible.

Our First Class: An Introduction

We will be offering an introductory class (Thursday, June 11th, 11:00am–1:00pm) during which we will watch an educational documentary and discuss how our diet affects all aspects of our lives, not just our physical health.


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