True peace is not the opposite of chaos, it’s not the opposite of noise, it’s that which embraces the chaos, it embraces the noise, like the sky embracing even the storm…that’s presence. Deep peace is already here. What you are is already at peace with what is happening, just like the ocean that does not need to get rid of its waves to be at peace. This is a peace and silence that is not opposed to anything for it embraces everything. It IS everything! Everything is an invitation to discover who you really are in THIS moment.

– Jeff Foster

Silent Meditation with BE

Welcome to our Silent Meditation online headquarters! There are many ways to participate in a silent meditation practice… Browse through this page or click on the headings below to be taken to a specific section.


DAILY 25–30 Minute Meditations

♦️ 5:00am PACIFIC ♦️
Hosted by Supriti
Zoom Link (or click the button below):
Meeting ID: 680 464 2269
Password: 048763

♦️ 7:00am PACIFIC ♦️ AND ♦️ 10:00pm PACIFIC ♦️
Hosted by Howard
Zoom Link (or click the button below):
Meeting ID: 814 072 1449
Passcode: 0P9As5

WEEKLY Online Silent Meditation Gathering

  • PACIFIC: Tuesday evenings at 7:20pm
  • EASTERN: Tuesday evenings at 10:20pm
  • INDIA: Wednesday mornings at 7:50am [please note the time has changed to due to Vancouver daylight savings time]

The first sitting begins at the times listed above; we will sit for 30 minutes. The first sitting will be followed by 5 minutes walking meditation and then a 3-4 minute break. After the break we will play a recorded Dharma Talk before the second 30-minute sitting begins. We will have two sitting meditation periods.

Meeting ID: 680 464 2269
Password: 048763


🔺Beginning Sunday, February 21st🔺

7 sessions in a row are offered via Zoom. Each session is 25 minutes of sitting meditation following by 5 minutes walking meditation (or a break).

1st Sunday sessions begin at:

  • 5:00am PACIFIC
  • 8:00am EASTERN
  • 5:30pm INDIA [please note the time has changed to due to Vancouver daylight savings time]

June Dates:

  • June 6th, 2021
  • June 20th, 2021

July Dates:

  • July 4th, 2021
  • July 18th, 2021

Join when you can, leave whenever you need to.

WATCH Previous Dharma Talks

This is a collection of Dharma Talks videos shared during our weekly SILENT MEDITATION gatherings since we started in early 2020. Please note that these are only the videos we shared during our sittings, not recordings of the meditations themselves.

About Soto Sen Meditation: Serene Reflection Meditation

“Sit steadily, neither trying to think, nor trying not to think; Just sitting, with no deliberate thought, is the important aspect of serene reflection meditation.”

– Dogen Zenji translated by Rev. Master P.T.N.H. Jiyu Kennett

Soto Zen meditation is a Buddhist meditation practice that offers a potential awakening from the dream of our own ignorance.