Our Updated COVID-19 Protocols

As we prepare to reopen following the latest two-week lockdown, we have made some updates to our COVID-19 protocols in accordance with BE Health Guidelines.

The biggest change is that masks are now required inside the space at all times except during actual class participation.

Working Together

To help ensure a safe and successful relaunch, we ask that everyone work together and that each of us does our part. That means self-monitoring for symptoms, including checking your temperature, arriving within requested time frames, being extra patient with your instructors and classmates and doing what you can to help minimize the impact of additional cleaning and sanitizing on BE’s resources.

We have an HVAC heating system in place. The space is very well set up for cross ventilation with the opening of screened windows and entrance/exit doors.

Please do not visit BE if:

  • You have returned to Canada within the past 14 days
  • You have been exposed to someone diagnosed with COVID-19 within the past 14 days
  • You are experiencing fever or cold symptoms
  • Your social distancing bubble (e.g., the people you live with) includes someone who is sick

COVID-19 Levels of Protection (Overview)

First Level of Protection

  • The studio space has been reworked and marked to include separate areas for teachers and students. The floor is clearly marked with 15 individual training spaces.

Second Level of Protection

  • Physical distancing has been established and implemented.

Third Level of Protection

  • Occupancy limit is posted, rules and guidelines are printed and posted, entrances and exits marked.

For a complete list of our BE COVID-19 Protocols, please click here.

2-Week BE Closure Due to COVID-19 Government Guidelines

Hi everyone,

With the latest Government safety measures banning all social gatherings, including indoor fitness and group activities, we will be closing Bridge & Enrich for two weeks in accordance with these restrictions.

We hope to reopen for our evening classes on Monday, November 23rd unless the restrictions are further extended.

If there is any way to reopen before the 23rd with special measures applied, we will keep you posted.

If you have already registered for classes or purchased tickets for special events, the individual practitioners will be following up with you for options and/or possible online offerings.

Take care everyone – we hope to see you again soon.