Vedic Chanting Circle Every Tuesday!

For all of you interested in Vedic Chanting including Kirtan lovers, we now have a new offering for you with Gopika and Nadaka on Tuesday evenings! They will take you on a journey in Vedic sound, ignite the power of the voice, engage in an experience that is freeing, energizing and healing.

Mantras carry a sound vibration that has a purifying, healing influence on our being and our environment. Flow into the form of the traditional Vedic mantra and explore the art of engaging, listening and witnessing.

Vedic Sound Circle: A Collective Chanting Experience


Led by Gopika – Live Music by Nadaka

Day: Every Tuesday, beginning April 5th

Time: 6:00–7:00pm

What is a MANTRA?

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  1. Chupacabras
    Chupacabras says:

    In the Vedic culture, the cow is especially revered and regarded as one of our mothers. It is believed that all the demigods reside within the body of a cow. It is therefore the responsibility of every person to accord it respect and do one’s duty by it. For most religious ceremonies the cow is essential.

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