BE Kirtan & Satsang: Sacred Sounds, World Music

Named for the Sanskrit “kirtana,” meaning “praise, eulogy,” BE’s Kirtan offers a chance for the community to come together in uplifting song and storytelling. Pulling from a variety of cultural practices, including healing circles, chanting and therapeutic music, Kirtan is a time of healing and ending our week with gratitude to the space, going inwards and resting in our inner space. 

* Experience the sacred sentiment of gratitude, joy and expansion with live Musicians and Artists enriching us with sacred sounds

Kirtans will vary by week, but may include:

  • Devotions
  • Singing
  • Music
  • Gong Baths
  • Inspirational Films
  • Sharing in Food 

BE Movement & Vitality

When seeking your authentic life, achieving physical well-being is just as important as spiritual harmony. By connecting to and focusing on your body, you can allow your mind to feel freedom to explore the world beyond. This is about bridging perceptions of your own physical limitations, about pushing yourself to truly reach for your peak potential.

Aligning body movement to rhythm and in meditation, one can bridge perceptions of one’s physical and emotional limitations and stretch to one’s peak potential. Our mascot, the dancing Ganesh, symbolizes the “cosmic dance of life” – a pictorial allegory of energy movement – creating, sustaining, resting, liberating.

B.E. offerings are inviting you to express your authentic self through the freedom of integrated body movement. With the practice of awareness in movement of body and mind, we experience the joy of expansion as creativity expresses and prana, life energy, flows.

BE Spiritual Health

Why do we call ourselves the Bridge & Enrich Lives Society? Well, it is quite simple. We know that it is all too easy to think of a reason why we should not or can not do something. Perceptions of our own limitations, doubting our abilities, and fear are what hold us back from achieving our greatest possibilities, our peak potentials. 

SDHD (Self Doubt, Self Hatred, Self Denial), a term coined by an enlightened Master from India, describes this at great length. When we are able to bridge the gap between who we are and who we truly wish to be, authenticity, integrity and responsibility express through our daily lives, enriching us and all in our lives. Enriching ourselves in this way is a truly fulfilling life experience and we are a platform for you to experience it.

At some point in our lives, we all struggle with cognitive dissonance, that feeling of dis-ease, a state of unrest, lethargy and resistance to life. Bridge & Enrich is that space, that platform, a sanctuary to explore and express possibilities, reminding us to awaken to our truest longings, “awakening from our dream of ignorance.”

BE Blissful Kitchen & Food Program

BE’s highest intention is to nurture (through the medium of food and ancient wisdom) the divine and blissful nature that we are and to help to both energize and thus awaken conscious eating practices that support the calming of the mind. We welcome the explorations of the highest vibrational, peace inducing and non-violent eating and drinking practices of monks, gurus, yogis, saints, medicine wo/men, herbalists, fruitarians, liquidarians etc.

We are also the platform for supporting yogic meditation processes that work on incinerating unconscious food eating patterns plus those that support food-free lifestyles. More information on what it means to follow a vegetarian, Sattvic and mind-calming cooking method, please check out our FAQs.

More information on BE’s food offerings.

BE Demystifying Death

The only certainty in life is death, and yet we all too often live with a fear of this eventuality. A clear mandate at Bridge & Enrich has always been to answer the core question of “Who Am I” and awakening to one’s peak potential, but living in fear of death keeps many of experiencing all that this life has to offer.

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