Dharma Ocean is a community of meditators, based in Colorado and practicing around the world, following the path of embodied spirituality, led by our spiritual director, Reggie Ray. His teacher, Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche was an exiled Tibetan tulku who started Shambhala Buddhism and Naropa University in Colorado.

Dharma Ocean is a non-monastic, householder based lineage, a community of householder yogins and yoginis, who prioritize the practice of Somatic Meditation in their lives. Our group in Vancouver meets to practice once per week for around 90 minutes at Bridge and Enrich Lives Society.

Although we are an inspired and vibrant community, and although there is a deep caring for one another, Dharma Ocean is not an organized religion. We are a large and diffuse community without any definite boundaries, but one linked by a common inspiration toward the wisdom within the body and a love of life. There is no “signing on the dotted line” or any series of requirements for you to be part of our community of somatic practitioners.

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