Jacky Arrah Yenga


The Village Wisdom Messenger

Author of the upcoming book: The Spirit of the Village: How to break the habit of living disconnected and access joy

Originally from Cameroon, Central Africa, Jacky Yenga grew up in Paris and now lives in Vancouver, BC.  Her foundation for life was rooted in togetherness and collaboration, respect for the elders, for nature and the ancestors. Living a connected life and expressing joy through dancing and singing as a way of life was her daily reality, until the age of 9.  She experienced the trauma of disconnection when she was sent to the West to “live a better life”. Now she is an inspiring speaker and an enthusiastic ambassador for the wisdom of Africa and their message of togetherness, which she shares around the world in various forms, including as a singer, music and dance performer.

“I have the vision of a world where we treat each other like family, and I believe in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity.”

Jacky’s core values are:


I help people access Joy

I created The Spirit of the village to help heal and comfort the soul of the people in my community, because taking care of the soul is like taking care of the roots of a tree: it’s the only way to harvest the best and healthiest fruits.

The Spirit of the Village is a state of being and a way of life. It’s a healing journey of joy, rhythm, connection, personal growth and self-exploration.

I provide an environment where we activate and practice the experience of joy, for healing, happiness and optimal well-being.

What if you could have it all? Just imagine…


When people feel that they belong and that someone always has their back no matter what, they are more willing to participate, contribute and bring out the best of themselves to improve their own life and provide benefit to the collective.

My vision is a world where we treat each other like family, and we genuinely care for and support everybody’s well-being so that no one is left out.

I believe that everyone deserves to feel genuinely supported, acknowledged, valued and appreciated.

Only when we have a society where value is placed primarily on the well-being of the people and they are not just seen as consumers or taxpayers, can we have a world where its individuals feel a true sense of belonging that would inspire them to become the best version of themselves they can be. And from this place we can create a real global village.