Raga Mantra is Nadaka, Gopika and Keshava. Together, they will be leading in Creative Consciousness, or Swahansa. “Creative Consciousness” is to become aware of the creative within you and express yourself through the arts, engaging in an experience that is freeing, energizing and healing.

Raga Mantra

Sacred Chants, Ragas and Rhythms of India

Nadaka and Gopika


Nadaka was born and raised in Quebec City. Early In his teen years he developed a keen interest in music and spirituality. At the age of 16 after his initiation into the writings of the revolutionary yogi, Sri Aurobindo, he decided to travel to Europe and overland to India where he lived in the universal township of Auroville for 35 years. His love and passion for Indian culture led him to study its music, learn different Indian instruments. From the early days of Indian fusion, he was an active member of the contemporary musical scene in India, recording and performing with many renowned Indian musicians. He also designed and crafted a unique Raga-guitar specially designed to play the subtle tones of Indian music.


Gopika is an artist, singer and a mantra meditation teacher. Born in Mumbai, India, she grew up in a culturally rich setting immersed in art and music. Her seeking spirit was later drawn to the study of Sanskrit mantra chanting. For over 12 years, Gopika taught classes and workshops in the Sri Aurobindo Ashram and Auroville facilitating healing process through mantra chanting and art making to establish a space of sacred connection within in creative awareness. Her multi-dimensional persona reflects her seeking spirit. Gopika has a Masters in Fine Arts in Craft and Design from USA and is currently pursuing a Masters in Expressive Arts Therapy in Vancouver BC. She was recently featured in an article as an honorary member of the National Association of Distinguished Professionals.



Gopika’s son Keshava is a gifted 12 year old with an inborn aptitude for rhythm. He first played Tabla when he was only 2 years old and at age 7, he performed center stage for an audience of 60,000 people for the opening of the Common-Wealth Games in New Delhi. Master of spontaneity and always happy to captivate listeners, he joins Nadaka and Gopika for Concerts, Tabla and Rhyhm demonstrations.