Stewart Iguidez – a.k.a. Stuey Tellar

Stewart Iguidez – a.k.a. Stuey Tellar – is an extraordinary, eclectic freestyle dancer and choreographer. He is greatly respected for his dance contribution within Canada. His dance style is the ultimate fusion of urban movement, consisting of b-boying, popping, house, new jack, swing, tutting, isolation and video dance. A natural entertainer, Stuey Tellar keeps his audiences mesmerized and inspires other dancers with fresh innovative movement. 

9 years ago Stewart Discovered a new love for yoga and completed his yin teacher Training. 

Stewart started as a b-boy in the mid 90’s before taking interest in hip hop choreography. He has developed his style and skills over the years, dancing across North America notably in battles for Rock Da House, Monsters of Hip Hop, and Battle Zone. He has won titles in World of Dance Seattle and Vancouver with his crew, The Faculty, as well as Bodyrock San Diego and Artists Emerge Upper Division. 

Stewart’s classes are high energy fun. He creates a comfortable setting for all levels to learn the latest of urban movement. His teaching philosophy is to create a fun and safe environment for students to develop their skills, offering tools to become more efficient learners, and to have a deeper sensitivity to body awareness and musicality.

Contact: [email protected]