Yogacharini Maitreyi is a practical Mystic and the founder of Arkaya Awareness Centre and the Arkaya Foundation. Since 1997, in her home country of India, she has received many titles, such as Yogashiromani (gem), Yoga Chemmal (expert) and Yogacharini (life guide).

Maitreyi has over 100 published articles worldwide and runs the Arkaya Foundation for children living in slums in India.

Maitreyi has dedicated herself to a Life in Light and to create a sanctuary for all to rise above old self-defeating habits and serve Source.

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Background on Arkaya:

Arkaya is a heart-centred community of teachers, students and practitioners of Classical Indian Yoga & Traditional Tantra.

Our goal is to bring more holistic wellbeing, community connection and inspired living to the world.

Arkaya Yoga has been systematized by Yogacharini Maitreyi. It is mindful, heart-centred and integrative, invoking the spirit of self awareness.

You could say that Arkaya offers the full-spectrum of yoga. Rather than just focusing on the physical aspects of the practice, it works to align the body, emotions and the mind with the universal.

The practice is beneficial for beginners as well as advanced practitioners as it is gentle yet deeply transformative.

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