Ancient Knowledge Of Sri Anandamayi Ma

In recognizing the eternal unconditioned awareness that is our true self, we unlock the door to the infinite, the eternal, the divine, the very essence of timeless teachings…in doing so, we may just discover the boundless wisdom that is our own fundamental nature waiting to be unveiled.

Anandamayi Maa

Key Principles
1. Inquiry into the nature of the self
2. Embracing the totality of life
3. Awakening of subtle energies
4. Devotion and surrender
5. Living with simplicity and focus

Other quotes:
“This body has lived with father, mother, husband, and all. This body has served the husband, so you may call it a wife. It has prepared dishes for all, so you may call it a cook. It has done all sorts of scrubbing and menial work, so you can call it a servant, but if you look at the thing from another standpoint, you will realize that this body has served none but God, for when I served my father, mother, husband, others, I simply considered them as other manifestations of the eternal, and served them as such. When I sat down to prepare food, I did in spirit of divine service. Hence, I was not quite worldly, though always engaged in household affairs. I had but one ideal to serve all as Pure Awareness, to do everything for the sake of Pure Awareness..”

A history definitely worth watching, of profound awareness we are not normally exposed to (without seeking). Perhaps this is because of her gender and the fact her teachings can lead us to the ultimate freedom that already lies within each of us, under layers of self inflicted and misguided (no matter how well or ill intended) false distractions that lay over the true nature of the path of enlightened living. Consciousness REMAINS as a continuous entity. there is no transformation of consciousness. but only a manifestation of consciousness into several individual units that one calls life & universe. with rigor, one would get to the knowledge that “I am not this body” and “I am not in this world, but the world IS I “, for without my existence of “I”, the world ceases to exist. When one is pure consciousness, there is none to feel the bliss.

Silence is an expression of this universal truth.