Heartfulness Meditation

Single handedly, what is the root cause, the infectious thing that creates a disease of the soiling of the environment, water, soil, air? To my understanding, one fundamental thing if we can tackle, will solve these problems. that is, regulate your thought pollution. How can you regulate your mind? Embrace spirituality. Meditate.

Daaji, Heartfulness Meditation

Dr. Lad shares his space as he connects with every client, every relationship in his life essentially – remaining established in the “gap” as a physician, as a father, as a husband, as a teacher:

SOHUM – Glory of choiceless passive awareness. Awareness is expansive – there is no difference between me and them. And out of that awareness, unconditional love takes place. He says: I truly love my clients – they also fall in love – this is the glory of unconditional love – not Dr. Lad’s glory – All of us have this glory. When listening – listen to the inner person from the inner person. Clinical work is meditation, even teaching is meditation.