Highlights from our previous gathering

In this body, a microcosm reflecting the macrocosm,
the vertebral column (also referred to as Mt Meru) is surrounded by seven islands;
there are rivers, seas, mountains, fields; and energies governing these fields. External observable macro-phenomenon are internalized and have equivalents within one’s body. The outside world is within, in the form of rivers, channels, fire, self and others.

Siva Samhita, 2.1

I shared with you highlights of a webinar I attended this weekend, part of my studies of Ayurveda, addressing aspects of modern science discovered many years ago from the context of our “subtle” bodies. What does this have to do with SILENCE?

  • how are pathologies like hypothyroidism linked to the subtle energies of our throat centre
  • what is the energy that we experience as bliss when we empty out our bladder for example, or when we have a healthy bowel movement?
  • what makes us hungry? what is the intelligence that guides us to sit in silence?
  • What is the connection with the coiled serpent like inner dormant energy, the gap between two thoughts or the gap between two breaths, and silence?

Learn more about Kundalini Yoga here.

The Sanskrit adjective kuṇḍala means “circular, annular”. It occurs as a noun for “a snake” (in the sense “coiled”, as in “forming ringlets”) in a 12th-century chronicle. The Sanskrit feminine noun kuṇḍalī means “ring, bracelet, coil (of a rope)”, and is the name of a “serpent-like” Shakti energy.

In this video of Pancha Prana, we have introduced an interesting Story about Pranas mentioned in the Upanishads.
Theres are 5 winds or pranas in the body:

1.Prana The Forward Moving Air Move in the body between heart and throat It is responsible for body activities of respiration, digestion, conversion of water into blood, urine and perspiration, etc. Directly related to Air Element & Heart Chakra 

2.Apana “air that moves away,” Move in the body between Navel and feet. It governs the elimination of the stool and the urine, menstrual fluid and the fetus, and the elimination of carbon dioxide through the breath. On a deeper level it rules the elimination of negative sensory, emotional and mental experiences. It is the basis of our immune function on all levels It is related to earth element and the Root Chakra(Mooldhara) 

3.Udana “upward moving air,” Move in the body between throat and vertex(top of the head) It moves upward and qualitative or transformative movements of the life-energy. It governs growth of the body, the ability to stand, speech, effort, enthusiasm and will. It is related to Space element and the Throat Chakra(Vishudhi Chakra)

4.Samana “balancing air,” Move in the body between Navel and Heart. It aids in digestion on all levels. It works in the gastrointestinal tract to digest food, in the lungs to digest air or absorb oxygen, and in the mind to homogenize and digest experiences, whether sensory, emotional or mental. It is related to fire element and solar plexus (Manipur Chakra)

5.Vyana “outward moving air,” Move in all parts of the body. It governs circulation on all levels. It moves the food, water and oxygen throughout the body, and keeps our emotions and thoughts circulating in the mind, imparting movement and providing strength. In doing so it assists all the other Pranas in their work. It is related to Water Element and Sacral Chakra (Swadishthan chakra)