How is LOVE experienced by the five senses in daily life?

The experience of love is really the understanding that you and i are are the same being, that your being and my being is the same being. The understanding that there is only one reality leads to the experience of love. This is love in the deepest sense.

Francis Lucille

In the realm of anatomy and Physiology, the cardiac plexus has been described as the network of the heart chakra and how that is connected to the brain through the ganglion of the cardiac plexus which is connected to the the vagus nerve through the mid brain. Dr. Lad references how prana (life force) along with Sadhaka and Tarpaka elements in the brain are related to transforming sensory perception to intelligence, knowledge and wisdom so that we can properly navigate the world around us. Prana, Sadaka, and Tarpaka in the heart (Ether, Air, Fire and Earth elements are connecting bridges related to transforming thoughts feelings and emotions into love.