Is it Possible to Live Free of Anxiety?

by Rupert Spira

Is it possible to live free of anxiety? Rupert is asked this common question by someone who says that they approach so many life situations with a feeling of anxiety because it feels like ”I am the one doing this” or ‘I need to get it right”. Rupert suggests that we are actually already completely free of anxiety, and that it is indeed possible to live a life free of anxiety. Rupert goes on to say that our anxious habits relax or subside during other activities such as attending a retreat. This is evidence that our being, or the presence of awareness, is emerging from the background of our experience and that our identity is shifting from ‘I, the anxious person’ to ‘I, awareness’. This clip was taken from the 7 Day In-Person Retreat at the Mercy Center: The Silence Which Beckons Us Into Ourselves which took place from October 23 – 31, 2021.

Timestamps: 00:00 Awareness Pervades Everything 1:13 Habit of Feeling Anxious 2:25 Living Without Emotional Resistance 3:00 You Are Already Free Of Anxiety 3:55 Shifting Your Identity from Anxious to Awareness