Remembering Wednesday. Jill’s gentle companion dog.

On the occasion of the death of a beloved pet – Wednesday, Jill’s companion, dog, we sat in silence, her presence palpable. Sending love and peace to Jill and her family and Wednesday, through this mysterious, familiar transition and a knowing of eternity,, our true nature.


Rough, Cold Dry yet Damp…FALL and CONSTIPATION – Macro and microcosm mirroring. VATA – Air and Ether elements aggravated inside and out.
Alleviating and soothing with warm and unctuous foods….
Mind and Body grounding and calming….

We continued developing a sequence of 8 Breathworks:

  1. Daily Pranayama:1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th 6th in the sequence practiced today.
  2. Bhastrika (Bellows breath)
  3. Kapalabhati follows (Shining Skull)
  4. Anuloma viloma
  5. Agni Sara follows
  6. Brahmari (Bee’s Breath
  7. Utjayi breath (breath of victory