Stewardship Over Ownership

We are moving into a paradigm of stewardship over ownership. It is through stewardship that we can manifest the principle on Oneness through multiplicity. The non-self of phenomena is reflected by the impermanent nature of all things, which arise and pass away according to their karmic make-up. The view of stewardship is aligned with the truth of impermanence while assuming responsibility for the consciousness that pervades all form, regardless of the how enduring it may be. In this sense, significance is given by virtue of a things right to BE, and through our appreciation of all such objects – whether or alive or inert – imbue them with the presence of our own loving attention.


In this sense, stewardship is the assumption of responsibility for each thing for the sake of its own continuity, that its presence may be of service to sentient life to the full length of its life-span and optimal use, both in form and function. As the paradigm of stewardship gradually replaces that of ownership, the transformation of each thing and person into a purer of object of giving is a natural result. This is because the nature of the gift is to move, and its circulation increases its value socially, economically and also energetically. However, if this stewardship is not accompanied by a deep and abiding reverence for the gift, then the circulation will necessarily cause it value to decrease on all accounts. The value of the gift is increased in circulation and upheld in reverence.


Money itself must be treated as a gift if it is to be transformed into a pure object. In a sense, money lends itself to rapid transformation if treated with the same accordance as one might treat such things as the breath, or food, for money is a life-giving source that supports the stewardship of personal and collective needs. If money is seen as an energetic tool for the stewardship of sentient and non-sentient life, and treated reverentially as such, then the shadow cast by its creation may be embraced and the gift latent within it released. Improperly used, money directs and supports the use of energy in a manner that is destructive; it is an extension of our consciousness in the world of form. Money is a tool to be wisely used, not a weapon through which to abuse.


Let us work together as we transition from the view of stewardship to ownership so that we may come into harmony with Nature’s law of giving, restoring balance and peace to earth and humanity.


Zamir Dhanji


-Let love be your guide, and beauty its measure-