Kirtan with Karthik and MK (Easy Kirtan)

Kirtan Night

Join us live at Bridge & Enrich (BE) as we weave together ancient chants and divine music into a meditative and uplifting evening together. Connect with like-minded seekers looking for ancient wisdom and uplifting company in an inclusive and welcoming space.

Dear Seekers, 

Anand and Karthik of Easy Kirtan here. We have missed singing together, we have missed You and the spirit of BE and look forward to reconnecting with Kirtan. 

BE Kirtan Nights are all about the ancient and joyful practice of simply coming together and singing. Although this idea exists in all cultures, Kirtan or “Satsang”, consists of sounds, or mantras, strung together to have an uplifting effect on the nervous system. 

Did you know that each sound vibrates in different parts of the body? Allowing ourselves to dissolve in these positive vibrations allows us to connect to our higher selves and allow our inner light to shine.

A Kirtan session is usually call and response, so everyone can participate and benefit, even non-singers! We invite you to come along and learn this simple and joyful art of letting go and dissolving in the vibrations of ancient instruments and a gentle guided meditation after. Come and drop your daily stresses and awaken the joy and contentment that are so natural to our being.

Join us on Saturday, April 2nd!

Anand & Karthik

We will guide you through an authentic Kirtan event that will open hearts, raise spirits and restore much needed balance.