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What’s New This Month of May

May Events and Programs at BE

“MA” in MAY is our call to “Mother” as we express gratitude to Mother energy in our lives. This month we are pleased to announce a Kirtan for DIVINE MOTHER as well as a full schedule of enlightening classes and special events! We will also be offering our first Single Mothers’ Saatvic food preparation class in June!

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Mother’s Day KIRTAN for DIVINE MOTHER with SANDRA LEIGH and Friends

Date: Saturday, May 9th

Time: 6:45pm

An evening of heart felt depth, ecstatic soul-power, gentle and clear devotion… honouring the Mother in us all.

:: Call & Response ~ Mantra Meditations for Peace with Sandra Leigh and friends of GIVE PEACE A CHANT.

More information here

North Shore Zendo Working Folks Weekend Retreat

Date: Saturday, May 9th: Sit from 9:00am–9:00pm 

Date: Sunday, May 10th: Sit from 9:00am–4:00pm

Most of us need to attend periodic sesshin (extended meditation retreats) to provide periods of sustained zazen practice to settle the mind, deepen our practice and foster insight. However, many of us work at jobs that do not readily permit taking a week away to attend sesshin at Great Vow Zen Monastery. Because of this, North Shore Zendo (NSZ) will be offering its first-ever working folks sesshin. This is a new and innovative approach to sesshin.

More information here

UPANISHADS Demystified: Live Transmission from Varanasi, India

Date: Wednesdays in May

Time: 6:30pm–8:00pm

Inner Awakening is a unique and life-transforming 21-day yoga and meditation retreat specially designed and conducted by a rare living incarnation Paramahamsa Nithyananda. In progress this month in Varanasi, India (May 7th-27th), Nithyananda starts the morning with Satsangs on the Upananishads, the prime vedic teachings on self-realization, yoga and meditation. The focus is: WHAT AM I? Join Nithyananda at Bridge & Enrich via live two-way video streaming from India for the SATSANG as part of this powerful retreat being transmitted worldwide!

More information hereand please stay tuned for spontaneous transmission dates and times as our schedule allows. We will announce them on Facebook.

BE KIDS start the BE Community edible garden!

On a sunny and warm Friday, the BE Kids began planting the BE Community Garden! 

Learn more about our Kids and Youth Programs here.

More information about the BE Food Program here.

OSHO Vancouver: United in Meditation & Breath Work For Nepal

Date: Saturday, May 16th

Time: 10:00am–2:00pm

After the devastating earthquake in Nepal there is a great need for love, prayers and donations. Many of us here feel a heartfelt connection to this beautiful country and its people, and on May 16th we will come together to share in part of the relief effort while also deepening our own self-awareness and healing. We will be offering Osho Dynamic meditation, a short Osho Talk and a guided group breath work session. We will be closing with a heart-expanding tantric meditation and sharing.

More information here


BE Closed: Victoria Day

Date: Monday, May 18th

We will be closed for the Victoria Day statutory holiday.


Full & Free with Rose Matovitch

Date: Sunday, May 24th

Time: 9:00am

Dezza Dance presents renowned psychotherapist Rose Matovitch for Full & Free: A Workshop on Spirituality and Body Image. In this day-long workshop you will be offered guidance on how to establish a healthy and spiritual relationship to food and yourself. Rose will offer teachings, exercises and wisdom gained from her years of private practice to facilitate you on the path to optimal wellness in mind, body and spirit.

More information here

Awaken the Love Within

Date: Sunday, May 31st

Time: 10:30am

Awaken the Love Within is a POWERFUL workshop on How to Open the Heart Energy Center so that you can attract the type of Love you want!

The workshop will begin with a unique discourse and perspective on the Heart Energy Center or Heart Chakra, followed by an amazing meditation to BLAST open the Heart Chakra.

More information here

Krishna Lounge – Kirtan 

Date: Sunday, May 31st

Time: 6:30om–10:00pm

Join us for a community Kirtan led by Jai Gopal, Radhika and Anand David and with a nutritious and mind-calming food offering. 

More information here.

Single Mothers’ Cooking Class

Date: Thursday, June 11th

Time: 11:00am–1:00pm

We are pleased to announce that our first Saatvic cooking class for single mothers will be taking place this month! The focus will be teaching mums how to cook mind-calming, vegetarian meals for their families.

Learn more about our Food Program here.

BE Practitioners Gathering

Date: Friday, June 12th

BE will be closed for a special event for instructors and practitioners.


Sacred Sounds: World Music with Naad

Date: Sunday, June 7th

Time: 6:30pm

Experience the sacred sentiment of gratitude, joy and expansion with live Musicians and Artists from the NAAD band enriching us with sacred sounds.

* An offering of Chai

* Annadana – a light Vegetarian snack, an offering of gratitude and sharing of the gift: Nourishment from healing foods, sometimes raw, sometimes cooked, Saatvik, mind-calming in essence

* Come and just sit, imbibe the gift of an open heart, being alive, just BE in “presence of Existence”

More information to come!

Our Weekly Classes: We invite you check them out!