Silent Meditation DAY RETREAT

Silent Meditation DAY RETREAT

Inviting you to our IN-PERSON Silent Meditation Retreat 

Most of us experience the need to attend periodic extended meditation retreats to deepen our practice, provide periods of sustained stillness of the body…just sitting…

Here is an offer to do so, for a few hours: To give ourselves permission to put aside media and “to-lists” just for a part of Sunday,


  •  Sitting Meditation
    We will have several Sitting Meditation periods during the day
  • Walking Meditation
     4 minutes Walking Meditation follows every sitting of 25 minutes
  • Gentle Traditional Hatha Yoga or Movement Practice
    Half an hour of gentle guided movement and/or hatha yoga will be offered
  • Recorded Dharma Talks
    We will play recorded Dharma Talk/s (Non-Duality Traditions) before and after lunch
  • Silent Lunch Together
    12-12:30pm: BYOL: Please bring a bagged lunch for convenience that does not require heating: Sandwich, Salad, Fruit etc. along with a napkin
  • Break: Silent Walk/Rest
    12:30-1:30pm We may schedule a half hour Silent Walk together if the sun and fresh air beckon
  • Sharing Circle
    3:30pm: Welcoming comments on Dharma Talks
  • Silent Cleanup and Farewell


$20-$50 would be most appreciated to support the monthly operational costs of the BE Space

Pencil it in! Future Day Retreats

  • October 30th


Please email or call with any questions and suggestions.

(604) 563-1561

In deep gratitude and love,