The Place In Everyone That Has Never Been Hurt & Cut the Fluff aka Ignorance!

The Place In Everyone That Has Never Been Hurt | Rupert Spira

This clip was taken from one of Rupert’s webinars in May, 2022.

There is a place in everyone that has never been hurt and is always at peace. A woman from Kyiv in the Ukraine has been asked to speak to people experiencing intense suffering and unfair conditions, such as a war hotspot where they have no opportunity to leave. She asks how she can best support these people, even if they do not have an understanding of non-duality. Rupert responds that even in intense situations there is something in the background of our experience that remains unharmed by it. Whatever it is in each of us that is aware of our experience now, is exactly the same as that which was aware of our experience 10 years ago, 20 years ago, and that doesn’t change. So even in the intensity of experience there is a place in yourself, your being, that is free, still, silent, at peace and it lies just behind the content of experience – that is, our thoughts, feelings and perceptions. This place shines in us as the knowledge ‘I am’ and it is always present, always available. In each pause throughout the day go back to this place inside yourself, the silence of being, and touch it again. That is the peace that everyone has been looking for.

 “There is a place in the soul where you’ve never been wounded.”

Meister Eckhart

We also watched Francis Lucille on the subject of surrender, trust and the guide-post that is the path of least resistance in doing the right thing. Taking the right action from this space.

Cut the Fluff aka Ignorance! Eliminate unnecessary thoughts/actions/emotions to reveal the True Path | Francis Lucille 

“Eliminate the fluff between pure awareness and the fake ‘I’.” 
0:00 Trusting the principle of least action 
 Global surrender 
 Every note is necessary

Acceptance does not mean it is a Passive space. Action comes. Doing the right thing comes.
The guide post is the path of least resistance – it is experienced with an effortlessness – an ease.

This is the play of Being and Doing – Being Awareness and Doing in our current form of a human
BEING the ocean AND also experiencing the joys and enthusiasm of a dancing wave, clashing, playing, interacting with other waves.

Bowing in deep gratitude for our training together,