The “Six Precepts” of Tilopa — Discussion

Tilopa (988–1069) was an Indian tantric practitioner and discovered the mahamudra process, a set of spiritual practices that greatly accelerated the process of attaining enlightenment.

גלגל האש at he.wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Enryu opened the discussion sharing his “Six Precepts” quoted in Powell Zen and Reality (1975):

  • No thought, 
  • No reflection, 
  • No analysis, 
  • No cultivation, 
  • No intention; 
  • Let it settle itself.

Without mind, without meditation, without analysis, without practice, without the will, let it all be so.

The “Six Precepts” of Tilopa

The Eight divine qualities that bless a healer (Ashta Devatas) from Ayurveda teachings were also shared:

8 Divine Qualities of a Physician

  • Buddhi – Intelligence
  • Siddhi – Intuition/ Perfection
  • Smrti – Memory
  • Medha – Wisdom
  • Dhrti – Fortitude
  • Kirti – Reputation
  • Kshama – Forgiving nature
  • Daya – Compassion