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Sound and Energy Healing Offerings

Gong Bath | Conflicting Thought Patterns

Quantum Life LIVE Breathwork | Radiant Heart Song Circle

Gong Bath

Our Monday Silent Retreats are followed by a healing Gong Bath.

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Conflicting Thought Patterns, The Four Tattvas & Energy Healing

Inspired by and based on Vedic teachings expressed by an enlightened master from India, Paramahamsa Nithyananda, “Completion” sessions will be facilitated by teachers initiated by Nithyananda.

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Quantum Life LIVE Breathwork

Every Tuesday night Paul and Kathie Scott will lead us as we will Consciously Connect our Breath (breathe in and out, without pause) to TRANSFORM and Connect to Life Force Energy!

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Radiant Heart Song Circle

Radiant Heart Song Circle is a group of heart-centered women, a place to grow ‘wings of song’ and focus on our personal healing journeys and evolution. Our vehicles are chants, songs and rituals to take us beyond the mind into the heart, the space of meditation and our authentic selves, to embody our voices as embody our voices as instruments.

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Satsang and Kirtan