On Mondays, from 9am-5pm, we offer a day-long retreat that includes sitting, walking and working meditation.

It is a SILENT RETREAT for volunteers who wish to help restore and care for the space that is BE, from the schedule and events of the past week, practicing an attitude of mind that is contemplative and mindful. “Zen living” and the offering of “Sewa” are the foundation of this offering.

In WORKING MEDITATION, we practice mindfulness as we sweep and mop the floors, wash toilets, dust corners, place things where they belong with care and an attitude of mind that offers gratitude to cushions and chairs and utensils and all that supports and enriches this space. In this mindful practice of “Zen living”, of “SEWA”, BE gets ready for the week ahead, inviting and embracing all that grace the space that is freshened up and ready to give and receive, to co-create realities, to enrich, to awaken, to simply BE.

Meals are provided as Sattvic cooking and meal preparation is a part of the retreat.

Although Monday Retreats can be somewhat flexible, the basic order of events are below.

*A note about Monday classes: BE closes for any stat holiday that lands on a Monday

Silent Retreat


– Seated meditation with walking meditation, second sitting meditation
– Working meditation, tea preparation and tea
– Reading period
– Work period, including lunch prep
– Meditation with walking meditation, second period of meditation
– Lunch and clean up, rest period
– Reading/listening to Dharma, other mindful activity
– Working Meditation
– Meditation with walking meditation, second sitting meditation

If you wish to join in the working meditation on Mondays, PLEASE RSVP Supriti at contact@bridgeandenrich.com by late Sunday night as the doors will be closed for this duration to enable focussing on the individual working meditation tasks.

Cost: Free

*6pm: DOORS Re-open for a 6:30-7:30pm: GONG Bath with Soraya followed by an 8-9:30pm: KIRTAN CLASS with Bhakti Yoga

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