Christina is passionate about living life authentically, consciously and with integrity. She guides and supports clients to discover what is most true for them – what makes their spirits shine bright, hearts sing and bodies hum.

She weaves together 25+ years of experience on the spiritual and personal growth paths which include in-depth study and practice in shamanic medicine, yoga and breathwork. She is a certified senior Breathwave facilitator and trainer, and a C-IAYT yoga therapist with a comprehensive understanding of the body, the nervous system and rehabilitative practices to restore wholeness.

Christina holds a compassionate, loving, safe and welcoming space for all to join in their journeys of self-discovery.
Her deepest passion is soul medicine where we come to remember and feel the deepest and most magnificent parts of who we are.

Join Christina for private one-on-one sessions in person or online, or else in group in-person and online livestream events.

Contact: Christina Niven 
[email protected]


Breathwave conscious connected breathing is a gentle form of breathwork that supports nervous system regulation, emotional integration and inner connection. It honours the sacred within each one of us … the beauty, the light, the magnificent while also holding and integrating the shadow, the broken, the exiled in order to come to wholeness. The breath invites you into presence and to remember who you truly are in the essence of your Being.

Group Breathwave sessions are facilitated by senior Breathwave facilitator and trainer Christina Niven.

In a group journey, Christina will gently guide you into the breathwave, offer hands-on facilitation (with consent) and support you in staying present with and in your experience. Breathing is done in a relaxed way while lying down with the accompaniment of music and presence.

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