Jacqui is passionate about cultivating authenticity, meaning and beauty in her life. Her life’s purpose is dedicated to helping others unfold what inspires them to live life to their healthiest and fullest potential. She is a graduate of the 200hr Open Door Yoga teacher training, as well as Shannon Cluff’s teachers’ integration program. She found yoga through her path as a professional dancer. She is a mother of two children who are her most dedicated teachers, a student of meditation at the Tilopa Buddhist Center and a practitioner of The Way of the Heart Energy Integrations.

Jacqui belives that a regular Yoga practice is a powerful tool to build a kind and healthy relationship throughout your body, mind and spirit. Her classes have intelligent and creative sequencing that serve to romance the body into working as a more integrated whole. Connection to breath, mindfulness and creating a safe and loving space is an integral part of relaxation and healing.

Jacqui draws upon over 20 years of studying movement through dance and yoga, as well as over a decade of self-study and healing through energy therapy, motherhood and her teachers from The Way of the Heart.


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