YAH Foods is a living testament of both NIKica’s journey over the past 35+ years and sister JOYce‘s 17+ years of eating and experimenting with fresh, raw, organic plant foods. Doc Nik holds a doctorate in Traditional Chinese & Herbal Medicine, as well as, has a plethora of experience in the multi-faceted arena of the food industry from soil building, edible landscaping, small and large scale organic ground crop farming, orchard planting & picking, restaurant chef, caterer, wholesale and retail food distributor, produce manager, hand-made food product manufacturer, raw food prep teacher and today he is still immersed in the conscious communion with food as a path to sustainable life giving energy, health and spiritual enlightenment.

Doc NIK created a “How to Make Gourmet Raw Foods” preparation series that he and a crew of dedicated and curious souls presented weekly for two years running. Well their back and sharing their love and art of eating for wellness and peace.

YAH Apothecary

BE is excited to be able to be a home to an Ayurvedic Herb + Spice Apothecary via YAH Foods on Wednesdays + Saturdays evenings. The herbs are certified organic and include: Holy Basil/Tulsi, Haritaki, Triphala, Tumeric, Spirulina ~ pre-packed into half lb + 1 lb. bags.

All interested send email to [email protected] or text/talk 604 561 8689.

More information at YAHFoods.com.

Raw Recipe Primer: Fresh Vittles

Natural Hygienist, architect, mom of two kids, business partner, sister JOYce and NIKica have published a raw plant-food recipe primer called Fresh Vittles. In its collection you will find over fifty fresh food recipe inspirations both for beginners and seasoned fresh foodies. Learn more here.


Delicious and Nutritous Recipes

A Vision of Nutrition: The BE Food Program

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