Presently located in Vancouver, Kenny-Davis Ntolla was born in Paris, France, and his family is originally from Ngambe, Cameroon. Raised in a family with a strong tradition of music and dance, he grew up surrounded by music genres such as Afro-traditional, classical and jazz. KD’s great inspiration of music and dance started with the influence of his father, a saxophonist and a dancer at heart, expressing the roots of Cameroon. Kenny-Davis began his formal training in the arts by studying at the Classical Music Conservatory, playing piano and guitar.

Not surprisingly, at a young age Kenny-Davis was mesmerized by the “King of Pop,” Michael Jackson. By eleven, he had discovered hip hop and started training at the age of fourteen, teaching and performing with a dance company. He has been trained at the Galion Dance Center, and Paris’ Academie International de la Danse (A.I.D.). Throughout the years he has also trained in Afro- Cuban with Felix Pupy Insua, Roberto Borrell, Daisy Villalejo and Juan De Dios.

In 2005, he moved to New York and began formal training in hip hop at the Broadway Dance Center with people like Brian “Footwork” Green. In addition, he continued to train intensively for Salsa and Afro-Cuban. In 2006, he moved to Canada and has continued to teach, perform and travel all over the United States, Canada and Europe. As an eternal student, he studied ballet at L’École Supérieure de Ballet du Québec in Montreal, Canada.

Since a young age, while living in Paris, Kenny-Davis has been passionate about zouk, kizomba and Afro-Caribbean dance and music. He is also now teaching kizomba, zouk and semba – enriched with the training and knowledge of Vasco, who is the most recent Africandancar champion of semba and kizomba.

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Okokan, official site of the Afro-Cuban contemporary dance company co-founded by Arassey Reyes and Kenny-Davis in 2013.

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