“Yoga inspires me everyday to transform fear into love, guilt into responsibility and judgments into acceptance. Yoga allows me to drop the illusion (maya) of separation between us – allows me to experience the wholeness. Yoga helps me to go back to my essence.”

Soraya, B.A, RM, is a certified International Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Radiant Child Yoga Teacher, Beyond Addiction teacher, Gong bath specialist and Reiki Master. Her classes are supportive, playful, loving, compassionate and are open to ALL levels.

Soraya was born and raised in Brazil where she had an opportunity to appreciate nature and its beauty, balance and power. She grew up upon the influence of her grandmother — a beautiful and powerful Brazilian shaman — whom she misses deeply. She discovered yoga and meditation in 1999 and since then she has been integrating and sharing the uplifting effects and the wisdom behind those practices with all around her. She has been actively teaching and working in the Vancouver Yoga Community as a teacher and volunteer. She became part of the team of Kundalini Teacher Training in Vancouver in 2013, supporting the trainers and students during the course; she managers the Beyond Addiction Program in Vancouver – a program developed by Sat Dharam and Dr Gabor Mate – the program is designed for individuals seeking to develop healthy habits and overcome addictive behaviour.

To get in touch with Soraya about Divine Threads or Gong Bath at Bridge & Enrich, please contact her via email: [email protected].

Soraya also has a passion for creating Sacred Malas.

“My dream was to combine what I love the most – design, colours, beauty, yoga and meditation – and create a company dedicated to cultivate consciousness and awareness. So Divine Thread Malas was born in 2015. From my living room to the world. Divine Thread offers beautiful and unique 108 bead malas.

More information on Divine Thread Malas here.


love at first vibration from Soraya on Vimeo.

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