Anna Breytenbach on the Spiritual Teaching of Animals

“I have found the animals and the natural world at large to have been my greatest spiritual teacher…even in the context of sitting for over 10 years with a Sangha…If what can be regarded as spiritual qualities across any discipline include states of being like presence and awareness and absolute acceptance of what is, then the nonhuman animals have got it…readily available to them…shining…is a present authenticity.

This is about helping us humans remembering our original wiring, how our brains and how the intelligence of our hearts was once in our conscious awareness, deeply wired to the collective of all the beings in our immediate environment.

Every particle of soil under our feet, the spider and her web, the leaf on every tree, the root under the ground or the deer species in the distance. And as we again remember through communication, through connections, we literally again, become members of a great collective…unified in our  shared awareness.

And we experience ourselves less and less as separate from the web of life.

— Anna Breytenbach