Madame Guyon on What Silence Is

Now do you understand what Silence is, it is being Still, ceasing your efforts to make things happen…no sooner do the bodily eyes close, than the soul is wrapped in prayer… it is amazing that so great a blessing enjoys an internal converse which external matters cannot interrupt.

Madame Guyon, Christian Mystic

Anandamayi Maa on the Eternal Unconditioned Awareness

In recognizing the eternal unconditioned awareness that is our true self, we unlock the door to the infinite, the eternal, the divine, the very essence of timeless teachings…in doing so, we may just discover the boundless wisdom that is our own fundamental nature waiting to be unveiled.

Anandamayi Maa

Lama Yeshe on Becoming Your Own Therapist

Becoming your own therapist means examining your own mental attitudes and understanding the nature of your own mind (your thoughts, emotions, and behaviours). Understanding the nature of your own mind allows you to control your mind naturally, without needing to push or force it…
This involves being aware of your internal world and recognizing the patterns and habits that shape your mind…you can cultivate a more positive and compassionate mindset, greater self-awareness and
inner peace.

Lama Yeshe

Richard Miller on Awareness

Awareness, like space, does not discriminate one against the other, pushing this away and only wanting this. Can you feel yourself as this quality of welcoming neither pushing away nor holding on to each experience as it comes, it lives for while, and then dissolves.
Feeling yourself as a sense of being or presence in which everything is coming and going with no fear of stepping fully into your experience step into it…awareness is still here…caressing.

Richard Miller, iRest

Anadamurti Gurumaa on Yogic Sleep

Sometimes called yogic sleep, yoga nidra is defined by some as “a kind of deep sleep in which you don’t lose consciousness.” As well as creating a more restorative state of relaxation, it is said that yoga nidra can relieve stress, frustration and insomnia as well as muscular, emotional and mental tensions. In short, in can help us all deal better with the stress of modern life.

Anadamurti Gurumaa

Annie Payson Call on Power through Repose

With the practice of Yoga Nidra, every day you will become more sensitive to tension, and every day you will be better able to drop it.

Annie Payson Call, Power through Repose, Training for Rest
Portrait of Annie Call. Artist not stated, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Sadhguru on the Basic Energy of the World

The basic energy in the world is just that – fire. So using fire as a way of keeping ourselves well is very much a part of the Yogic system. Lighting a lamp every night can make a world of difference to your well being.


Eckhart Tolle on Love and Peace

Glimpses of love and joy or brief moments of deep peace are possible whenever a gap occurs in the stream of thought.  For most people, such gaps happen rarely and only accidentally, in moments when the mind is rendered “speechless,” sometimes triggered by great beauty, extreme physical exertion, or even great danger. Suddenly, there is inner stillness.

And within that stillness there is a subtle but intense joy,
there is love, there is peace. 

— Eckhart Tolle

Photo credit: Kyle Hoobin, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Vasant Lad on Sankhya Philosophy

Akasha (space) offers the space and freedom for each cell and organism to exist. Without space, there is no possibility for communiucation among the cells. Akasa predominates in all spaces and cavities of the body including cranial space, sinus space, joints, pores, tubes, arteries and veins. It is the subtle element of sound that gives birth to space.

Vasant Lad, Sankhya Philosophy

Vagbhata on Agni, or Fire

The Sanskrit word for “fire,” agni is viewed as the very source of life, governing not only the digestion of food but also the digestion process of thoughts, emotions, and life experience. Ayurveda teaches that impaired agni is at the root of every imbalance, and that tending this fire in the digestive system is the first step in restoring balance.