Behind the simple instruction for meditation: Place the tongue at the back of the top teeth

Supriti shared knowledge from the Vedic/yogic teachings- The physiological-spiritual context for mudras (hand postures), bandhas (locks between various body parts) and contact points.
Placing the tongue behind the back of the top teeth results in the opening up of the choroid plexus to release CSF – Soma – the “relaxation” or “bliss molecule” as it is sometimes described, reduces the number of thoughts and one settles in meditation.

Other placements opening up chidakash: Khechari Mudra in the back of the pallette
Also SO’HUM with tongue pushing back of bottom teeth without touching the roof of the mouth-different effects of different pressure points. 

This knowledge is purely education – not a goal setting intention.
Yoga: To let go out outcome, surrender in devotion

Enryu on the Buddha’s essential teaching:
This is not mine
This is not me
This is not myself
What control do we have over anything let alone our thoughts!