What Is Love?

A very warm welcome back to Enryu and Maria from an intense 10 Day Meditation Retreat at the Great Vow Buddhist Monastery.

Thank you both for sharing highlights of your precious experience, the challenges, the joys.. 

Enryu was co-teaching at the retreat as well. And she focussed on bringing into her sharings, practices she has used in her Indian classical dance training. Weaving and molding various teachings into daily life.

Sitting still for 8 or 9 hours of the day can be very challenging for the body. Watching the mind through the various arisings, learning to relax amidst all that is churning…takes a number of days to settle down. 

This particular retreat had the underlying foundation of deep listening – the use of the sound sense gate to return to the silence and rest that is ever present regardless of chaos and resistance in mind and body.

How loud and deafening the one channel of one’s own mind can be! In sitting still with it all, other channels re-open and one glimpses the possibility of relaxing in one’s true nature. The primary tool – recognizing the energy of sound – the power of one word – the power of sound – the power of silence – the trace of sound coming to rest in silence.

Applying this experience to recognizing the numerous traces we leave behind in our lives – through our actions, words, intentions.

Is there true silence?