Bridge and Enrich Roof Repair Fundraiser

We Need Your Help to Keep Going

We are sustained by “dana,” revenues offered to us by members, practitioners and guests from the treasury of their hearts. Thus far, these donations are covering roughly half our monthly operating costs that average $7,000 and the rest is a flow from a line of credit, my personal commitment to the space.

The building we are located in is in need of an immediate roof replacement now scheduled for the end of the summer. Our share of this cost is based on square footage, and is amounting to $36,000. We are part of a strata building that has 28 residential units in addition to the one commercial unit that we call home.

To continue offering the BE platform to our community, members, practitioners and friends, Bridge & Enrich is issuing a challenge to all its supporters: Please help us raise the $36,000.
We need the support of our community to help us meet the cost of the roof repair so that we can reopen with grace and ease in the fall.

Today we appeal to you to open your hearts and ride this wave of expansion with us.

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