Jiddu Krishnamurti on the New Year

I wonder what we mean by a new year.

Is it a fresh year, a year that is totally afresh, something that has never happened before?…

This is rather an important question, if you will follow it – to turn all the days of our life into something which you have never seen before. That means a brain that has freed itself from its conditioning, from its characteristics, from its idiosyncrasies and the opinions, and the judgements, and the convictions.

Can we put all that aside and really start a new year? It would be marvelous if we could do that…

Can we change the whole direction of our lives? Is that possible?…

Can we drop all that and start anew with a clean slate and see what comes out of that, with our hearts and minds?

— Jiddu Krishnamurti on the New Year, Madras, 1st January, 1985

Bernie Glassman on Laughing at Yourself

Let me give you a wonderful Zen practice. Wake up in the morning…look in the mirror, and laugh at yourself.”

— Bernie Glassman

Swami Sarvapriyananda on the Silence at the End of OM

“This vast literature…Upanishads and their commentaries and sub commentaries and sub sub commentaries and multiple magnificent structures of philosophies built upon it…they all reduce to OM and especially the SILENCE AT THE END OF OM.”

— Swami Sarvapriyananda

Roshi Jan Chozen Bays on Emergency Measures

If our mind is headed in a direction that we know is leading to suffering and is already causing suffering, we need some emergency measures. And mantra is just such an emergency measure. It qualifies as distraction and it qualifies as substitution. So we take words that are wholesome… leading to our happiness… ultimately to our enlightenment. And we use those wholesome words to substitute for words that are causing us distress.”

— Roshi Jan Chozen Bays

Rupert Spira on Your True Nature

The best contribution you can make to humanity…is to recognize your true nature and its inherent peace.

— Rupert Spira

Zoketusu Norman Fischer on Life Continuing

The most important thing about the teaching of rebirth is that life continues. That there is more to our lives than the little span of time between birth and death. The teaching of rebirth tells us that our life and death are significant beyond their appearance, more important than we know.

— Zoketusu Norman Fischer

Jean Klein on Disappearing the Ego

In silence, there is a total disappearance of the ego.

— Jean Klein

Dogen on Simply Sitting

Just sitting, with no deliberate thought, is the important aspect of serene reflection meditation.

— Dogen

Sadhguru on Sound

“Every form in the creation has a corresponding sound. Sound is of the surface, silence is of the core. A space that is beyond creation, life and death, is referred to as nishabd, silence. In consciously aspiring for silence, there is a possibility of becoming silence.”

— Sadhguru

Rumi on Silence

“Silence gives answers.”

— Rumi